"That which has been lost to time, shall be no longer."
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Mystery Schooner



The box barge is one of many scuttled vessels on the bottom of Lake Michigan off Chicago.

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Wells Burt. Her steering gear became disabled, she broached to and her mizzen mast ripped loose. She swamped and sank. All eleven crew members perished.

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The schooner Wings of the Wind was constructed by Bidwell, Banta & Company of Buffalo, New York in 1855. The two-masted bulk carrier was 142 feet long, 26 feet wide and drew 10 feet of water. Fully loaded, the 370 ton Wings could carry 16,000 bushels of com.

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A&T Recovery, Chicago-based firm, has already recovered 31 World War II planes
from the lake on behalf of the National Museum of Naval Aviation

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